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  • 90+ Lanes of Service
  • Standard/Expedited
  • Mexico via KCS/KCSM
  • Commitment to price and capacity

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What we do

Our mission is to provide a quality, easy to use intermodal service utilizing our fleet of 53′ containers that will allow our customers to grow and be successful.

COFC Logistics offers a 53′ intermodal service exclusively to the intermodal intermediary market. COFC offers its customers transactional pricing and availability, an opportunity to manage their own fleet and no peak season surcharges on long-term, committed volumes. COFC currently has a fleet of 2,500+ new and used containers.

Fuel Service Charge


15.0% end: 10/27/2020

15.0% end: 11/03/2020


15.0% end: 10/25/2020

15.0% end: 11/01/2020


13.67% end: 10/25/2020

13.67% end: 11/01/2020


15.0% end: 10/25/2020

15.0% end: 11/01/2020


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