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COFC Logistics Fleet Growth Plans

August 31st, 2022 Posted by News 0 comments on “COFC Logistics Fleet Growth Plans”

COFC Logistics is pleased to provide an update on our fleet expansion. Our current fleet size in the U.S. is 6,000 containers with 2,500 additional containers arriving by the end of the year. We will take delivery of up to 1,500 more containers by the end of Q1 – 2023.

We are in discussions with many of you, our customers, regarding growth with existing BCO’s as well as conversion business based on the industry changes coming in January. We are continuously evaluating our network based on customer interest and feedback.

Our founder and CEO, Garry Old shared with on April 22, 2022: “with changes looming in the marketplace, we feel the time is right to expand our fleet. We have been experiencing significant demand for our service,” he said. “As we move through 2023 and 2024 and the demand continues to increase, we will add up to 10,000 additional containers to our fleet.”

Robin Harter, Vice President adds: “with increased staff in operations, accounting, and sales we are prepared for the planned increase in volume. COFC continues to make customers the priority with technology enhancements in both Operations and Pricing, including the upcoming launch of a new Customer Service Portal.  These process enhancements and customer support tools allow COFC Logistics to maintain its high level of customer service. We look forward to supporting our customers now and in the future.”

We have expanded our sales team to include Clinton Bell. Clinton will be covering the western region of the country, west of the Missouri River, while Geoff Smock will be covering the eastern region of the country, east of the Missouri River.

Please contact the sales team with any opportunities that you may have:

Geoff Smock – Assistant Vice President – Sales & Marketing and Eastern Region
Email: or phone (630) 470-0016

Clinton Bell – Director of Sales – Western Region
Email: or phone (530) 206-6115


Thank you for your continued growth and support!

Garry Old